Re: CU-SeeMe Practice

Andrew Murn (
Sun, 11 May 1997 11:41:51 +1000

At 09:22 AM 5/10/97 -0500, Mark L. Bardenwerper wrote:

>I am afraid that you will have poor success with voice. I would suggest
>sticking with text for the most part. Has anyone had success with voice
>with any consistency? If so, what was your formula?

>I wonder if CU would work with voice recognition software, such as
> This would extend
>its use to handicapped.

It should. As I understand Voicepad, it simply creates and initiates
macros, however I've only played with it a couple of times as my microphone
is not sensitive enough.

Hmmm - anyone got a Sensitive New Aged Microphone out there?

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