CU-SEEME audio

Rolf Hemmerling (
Mon, 12 May 1997 07:37:25 +0200

Hi !

I am using WIN95, CU-SEEME 32-bit 2.1.1x, SOUNDBLASTER PRO (i.e.
half-duplex), CONNECTIX Quickcam b/w, non-registered version of

By now, I was not able to do voice calls neither with CU-SEEEME with the
"slim" VOXWARE 2.4 KB format, nor with the Digitalk format (8.5 KB),
just with the "vaste" DELTA MODULATION (16 KB). VOXWARE and DIGITALK
are available for my WIN95 version, but not for the MAC version, I

With limited bandwitdth, as ususal, I may not transmit audio and video
if I select the DELTA MODULATION (16 KBit for audio, plus 11 KBit for
video is not realistic for CU-SEEME in the Internet), concurrently.

But if I select the other two formats (which would allow the
transmission of audio and video, concurrently), it does not work !
Especially, in the WINDOW/AUDIO windows, the volume level display is not
going "green" if I speak, in opposite to if I use the DELTA MODULATION

Is there a difference with audio if I am connected with a CORNELL or
WHITE PINE reflector ??

Is it right that both parties must configure CU-SEEME to use the *same*
audio format, else nobody will hear the other party ? Probably yes !
White Pine answered, but.. I was not satisfied:
> Re: audio drivers SN: still testing
> Date:
> Thu, 01 May 1997 12:43:04 -0700
> From:
> Rick DesIlets <>
> To:
> (Rolf Hemmerling)
> If the audio indicator is not showing any graphical movement
>cahnces are there may be a problem with the audio card itself. One way
>to test this would be to bring up the win95 multimedia - sound recorder,
>record and playback. If this functions, then so should CUCM. If not,
>neither will CUCM.
> You are not missing any audio codecs. The current Mac version
>does not support DigiTalk or Voxware but will in the updated release
>scheduled for late summer. Any problems that are/were found in v 2.1.1
>will be fixed in v3.0 - it is nearing official release. Prior versions
>will not
>be modified.
Please let me know Your expericences with audio.


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      /   /   /  Alone on the data highway...
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  /   /   /      Rolf Hemmerling, Germany
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