New Windows Version Available From Cornell (0.92b1)

Steve Edgar (
Tue, 13 May 1997 11:34:48 -0400

There is a new release of CU-SeeMe for Windows from Cornell University
(0.92b1). The release is available from:

There is a link near the top of the page to the "CU-SeeMe Windows V0.92
Visual User's Guide". There is a "Download It!" button on the front page
of the Visual User's Guide. If you want to link directly to the Visual
User's Guide, go to:

Thanks go to Bill Woodland, who did the design and QA on the new Phone
Book; to the developer relations folks at ATI, who generously donated a 3D
RAGE II and TV Tuner card, so I could add support for the TV Tuner card in
this version; and to Tom Parker, the author of the Visual User's Guide.

Be sure and check out the Visual User's Guide for information on the new

There are 3 new features in this version:

1) Phone Book
2) ATI TV Tuner support
3) IP Address on Status Bar

Phone Book
There is finally a phone book, which is indeed long overdue. Each entry in
the phone book has its own conference ID, send/recv rates, and video options.

Some quick Phone Book notes:

1) Check "Auto-close" to have the Phone Book close automatically after
the "Connect" button. Leave "Auto-close" unchecked to keep the Phone Book
open, even while you are connected.

2) Double click on an entry as a short cut to pressing the "Connect" button.

3) The phone book entries get saved in a file named "PhoneBook.pbx",
located in
same directory as cu-seeme.exe. It is a text file, with each entry on its
own line, using commas as field delimiters. You will not have to edit this
file, but if you want to, the field order is:

hostname or IP address
conference ID
send video (1 for yes, 0 for no)
recv video (1 for yes, 0 for no)
min recv rate
max recv rate
min send rate
max send rate

4) You can import another phone book with the "Import" button. You will be
prompted as to whether to use the rates settings in the phone book being
imported, or your own current rates.

5) Duplicate entries will not be imported. Both the hostname (or IP address)
and the conference ID must match an existing entry in your phone book to
be considered a duplicate.

ATI TV Tuner Support
To use the ATI TV Tuner card, set the video format to "YVU9 Planar (Indeo
Raw)". That card sure is fast.

IP address on status bar
Your IP address will now appear on the status bar, on the lower right side
of the main window. You may have to resize the main window a bit to see
the IP address. This modest feature addition got quite a few requests.

I was assigned to another project some time ago, and so these features had
to creep in somewhat slowly "on the side". Never the less, I've enjoyed
adding these features, and hope that many people find them useful.

Be seeing you. -- Steve.