Video Capture Cards??

Jack Slater (
Wed, 14 May 1997 06:55:45 -0500

I'm back at trying to use video conferencing. Cu-SeeMe and others. I've
purchased a "VideoLogic Captivator PCI" capture card. Win95 has configured
the card at IRQ11. I have the latest drivers loaded for both this card as
well as my "NumberNine" Imagine128 Series 2 Video accelerator card.

All of my video software locks up my system when I start any of them. These

1) CuSeeMe
2) MS Netmeeting
3) MS Vidcap32

All of these ran fine b4 I installed the new capture card.

The tech support folks at VideoLogic are stumped.

Any suggestions on:

1) what to do?
2) other brands of capture cards that will use a color camcorder (the price
of $99 for the Captivator seems pretty good)