RE: New Windows Version Available From Cornell (0.92b1)

Jack Slater (
Wed, 14 May 1997 06:45:21 -0500

I've downloaded this new version. I've also seen a "phonebook.ini" listed
on Bill Woodlands page but it refers to a 92b2. Will this work with the new
If so, how?

On Tuesday, May 13, 1997 10:35 AM, Steve Edgar []
> There is a new release of CU-SeeMe for Windows from Cornell University
> (0.92b1). The release is available from:
> There is a link near the top of the page to the "CU-SeeMe Windows V0.92
> Visual User's Guide". There is a "Download It!" button on the front page
> of the Visual User's Guide. If you want to link directly to the Visual
> User's Guide, go to:
> Thanks go to Bill Woodland, who did the design and QA on the new Phone
> Book; to the developer relations folks at ATI, who generously donated a
> RAGE II and TV Tuner card, so I could add support for the TV Tuner card
> this version; and to Tom Parker, the author of the Visual User's Guide.
> Be sure and check out the Visual User's Guide for information on the new
> features.
> There are 3 new features in this version:
> 1) Phone Book
> 2) ATI TV Tuner support
> 3) IP Address on Status Bar
> Phone Book
> ----------
> There is finally a phone book, which is indeed long overdue. Each entry
> the phone book has its own conference ID, send/recv rates, and video
> Some quick Phone Book notes:
> 1) Check "Auto-close" to have the Phone Book close automatically after
> pressing
> the "Connect" button. Leave "Auto-close" unchecked to keep the Phone
> open, even while you are connected.
> 2) Double click on an entry as a short cut to pressing the "Connect"
> 3) The phone book entries get saved in a file named "PhoneBook.pbx",
> located in
> same directory as cu-seeme.exe. It is a text file, with each entry on
> own line, using commas as field delimiters. You will not have to edit
> file, but if you want to, the field order is:
> entry
> hostname or IP address
> conference ID
> send video (1 for yes, 0 for no)
> recv video (1 for yes, 0 for no)
> min recv rate
> max recv rate
> min send rate
> max send rate
> 4) You can import another phone book with the "Import" button. You will
> prompted as to whether to use the rates settings in the phone book being
> imported, or your own current rates.
> 5) Duplicate entries will not be imported. Both the hostname (or IP
> and the conference ID must match an existing entry in your phone book to
> be considered a duplicate.
> ATI TV Tuner Support
> --------------------
> To use the ATI TV Tuner card, set the video format to "YVU9 Planar (Indeo
> Raw)". That card sure is fast.
> IP address on status bar
> ------------------------
> Your IP address will now appear on the status bar, on the lower right
> of the main window. You may have to resize the main window a bit to see
> the IP address. This modest feature addition got quite a few requests.
> I was assigned to another project some time ago, and so these features
> to creep in somewhat slowly "on the side". Never the less, I've enjoyed
> adding these features, and hope that many people find them useful.
> Be seeing you. -- Steve.