RE: New Windows Version Available From Cornell (0.92b1)

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 14 May 1997 20:44:17 -0500

At 06:45 AM 5/14/97 -0500, Jack Slater wrote:
>I've downloaded this new version. I've also seen a "phonebook.ini" listed=
>on Bill Woodlands page but it refers to a 92b2. Will this work with the new=
>If so, how?

I think you mean 90b2...same thing...when I wrote that part, I assumed that
the version number would be 90b2, but Steve decided to call it 92b1....his
choice. He also told me:

>The extension to the PhoneBook file is now .pbx instead of .ini. I felt
>.ini was too much like a Windows settings file, and would rather not have
>folks confused by trying to import .ini files from various applications. =

Go to Streak's Web Reflector Scanner page at:

to download his latest reflector list in a .pbx format. I've removed all
reflector listings from my pages, and now point you to Streak's page since
he does such a good job of maintaining a list. My list had been provided
to me by John Becker at Cornell University, but I hadn't received any
updates from him since January 5th of this year, so Streak's page came in
real handy. He was happy to create the list in the new format, and once I
requested he do this, he had the job done within a few hours.

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