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Bill Woodland (
Wed, 14 May 1997 21:05:23 -0500

At 09:40 AM 5/14/97 +0300, wrote:
>From: NAME: Flavio Baruzzi Lopes =20
> TEL: 814-4066 <A257@A1@C60000>
>Does anyone know where (or If) I can download a demo version of CU-SeeMe=20
>Reflector for Windows NT 4.0 - Alpha or Intel?
>I've looked for it in the Web, but I'm afraid there is no demo version
>but only the comercial one.
>I'm sorry if it's a silly question for the most of you, but I really need=
>know this. Thanks.

If you don't mind no support, and no accounting features, you can get Brian
Godette's reflector program for 95/NT for free, and it's not a demo, but
the real thing. Brian took the source code for the Cornell 3.03b reflector
program, enhanced it, and converted it to run under Windows 95/NT. He also
has versions for Linux (ELF format), FreeBSD 386 v2.1, SunOS 4.1.4, and
Irix v6.2.

I've been testing it out lately, and it seems to work very well. His
version supports color, and multiple conferences. It's also configuration
compatible with v2.0.1 of White Pine's reflector. Read more about it here:

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