Re: v.92beta: Disconnect problems?

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 14 May 1997 21:23:37 -0500

At 11:07 AM 5/14/97 -0400, Pope Zaphod I wrote:
>I'm using the latest beta from Cornell for Win95 and I really like it. It
>has a nice enough feature set that I like it about as well as ECU-SeeMe
>2.1.1 and much more than ECU-SeeMe 3.0beta4, particularly because it's
>small and fast unlike the beheamoth (sp?) ECU-SeeMe has become.
>My question is about disconnecting. Occasionally when I dial a reflector
>and the max number of users is reached, CU-SeeMe takes a long time before
>it disconnects. If I get impatient I close the program and restart it and
>it works fine. Has anyone else noticed this?
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I've noticed the same problem lately. Here's some real good techie info
Steve sent me when I was helping test out this version (slightly edited):

>There are some behind the scenes improvements in the protocol. =20
>There are 2 new stats in the Info Window: "Link Loss" and "Link Response".
>Link Loss is the % of bytes being dropped on the _link_ (only to and from
>the Refl). Link Response is the number of seconds is takes for a rate
>control/reply packet to get sent to the Refl, processed, and sent back, and
>can be used as an indication of how much buffering is going on, link speed,
>or how thrashed the Refl is. The Refl must be Link Rate Control capable,=
>N/A will appear. =20
>In the cu-seeme.ini file, you'll see:
>Disconnect Duration=3D (default is 8)
>Lock Out on Disconnect=3D (default is 1)
>Lock Out Duration=3D (default is 15)
>Disconnect Duration: the number of seconds that must go by with no=
>or "keep-alive" packets coming in the door. This disconnection method is
>used in the absence of a disconnect handshake.
>Lock Out on Disconnect: If set to 1, the "Lock Out" feature will be used
>after a disconnect process is complete. If set to 0, the "Lock Out"=
>will not be used. I prefer not to use the Lock Out feature, as it makes my
>testing quicker, and I have good links; but most modem users will want it. =
>Lock Out Duration: Number of seconds the Lock Out feature is in effect, if
>enabled. =20
>I feel it is better to have v32X not tell the user it is disconnected,=
>it really is; and so have built it that way.

If the ref you're on doesn't support Link Rate Control, try lowering the
Disconnect Duration, but don't be surprised if this makes you reconnect to
the same ref.

If the ref you're on supports the Link Rate Control, you might try
adjusting the value of the Lock Out Duration down to 10, or even 5, but
this may also cause you MORE trouble than it solves. Adjust with caution.
Use Notepad or similar to edit the \windows\cu-seeme.ini file.

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