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Bill Woodland (
Wed, 14 May 1997 21:46:22 -0500

At 06:04 PM 5/14/97 -0500, Mark L. Bardenwerper wrote:
>For a scan list that will fit right into the latest W 95 version, go to
>, download the
>thing in Windows Cornell 0.90 PhoneBook Format. It will come in in HTML.
>Open in a word processor, edit, convert to Ascii TXT. I use Correl WP
>6.1, but I think most of the newer versions of word processor can do
>this. Older versions of Word can be patched to see HTML. Cut an paste it
>into the .pbx file. I also deleted the spaces between the entries,
>although this might not have been necessary. To open the .pbx file you
>will need to associate it with Notepad or Write. Does anyone have a
>quicker way? This is how I figured it out. Maybe I'm pulling teeth from
>the wrong end.

Mark (et all):

If you have no phonebook.pbx file to begin with, it's simpler than what you
said. Once you get the reflector list on the screen in the correct format,
as you described above, simply click on File/Save As and save it to the
same directory as your cu-seeme.exe file and name it phonebook.pbx. Even
tho the file has extra linefeeds in it, CU will still read it in just fine.

Now the seems that CU will import only the first entry from
this file, due to the extra linefeeds. Netscape seems to add linefeds to
the file when you do the File/Save as, so if you want to IMPORT this list
into your existing one, you WILL have to delete the extra blank lines (for
now). We tried to make this as simple as possible, but you've found a
problem I wasn't aware of, and I'll talk to Streak and/or Steve to see if
we can fix this so no editing is required.

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