A little help on ATM

Leoncio Akstein (A113@petrobras.com.br)
Thu, 15 May 1997 08:31:08 -0700

Dear friends,

we are analyzing several options of video-conferencing for our company
and besides the CU-SeeMe option there are others , corporative ones, that
are based on ATM. We are expanding our ATM based network.If we use the
CU-SeeMe option internally (no ATM), over our Ethernet+TCP/IP we consume
a lot of bandwidth, but it is a cheap option. On the other hand , if we
use the ATM option it is expensive (specially for our country) and only
the ATM seats will participate of. Do you have any experience on this
subject ? Has any of you adopted an ATM solution for your enterprize ? Or
have you adopted a mixed solution ?
I would appreciate receiving comments on this subject.

Thanks in advance,

Leoncio Akstein