Waiting for 56 k

Mark L. Bardenwerper (bardenwe@vbe.com)
Thu, 15 May 1997 22:57:22 -0500

The following is exerpted from a mailing from our provider, Valley
Business Equipment:

"For those customers who ordered 56k modems, due to the large
quantity ordered, the shipment has been delayed and will ship
sometime next week. I will notify by email when the shipment comes

VBE's side of the 56k modem has yet to be completed as our
manufacturer, today, after weeks has committed to include VBE in the
first shipment of digital 56k modems and /or software for each of
the 5 terminal servers which VBE has in place. We will be the first
ISP in the Nation to bulk install our entire network with 56k modems
utilizing Rockwell technology. Most other ISP's are integrating 56k
slowly as 56k technology required channelized T1 (24 channels). Stay

Also, read the article "Do 56K modems fall short?" in the June NetGuide.

Higher speed proves elusive! Standards wars seem to be coming to a
conclusion, but availability of hardware and proliferation on the
network is slow in coming. NetGuide says around December before there
are the beginnings of common usage.
Besides, this is only incoming. Transmit speed will be the same.
How will this impact CU users?

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