Re: Reflector-- cu-seeme on win95?

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 18 May 1997 13:40:30 -0500

At 07:34 AM 5/18/97 -0500, Bill Fields wrote:
>Hello, is it possible to run reflector cu-seeme on a p133 with win95 on a
>dialup 33.6 modem connect to a unix isp? My isp does not allow for a
>Thanks for any help...

Sure, you COULD do this, but what's the point? A successful reflector
needs bandwidth, and lots of it. A reflector running on dual channel ISDN
could only support 3 or 4 28.8 modem users, and a reflector running on a
33.6 could only handle one sender and one receiver, but you can do THAT by
calling the other person's IP address directly.

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