Unix tools which support the H.263 video codec?

Terry W. Reed (terry@concept5.com)
Tue, 20 May 1997 10:13:59 -0400

I'm looking for Unix (Solaris, Linux) VTC tools which support the H.263
video codec.

I have PCs and Macs using Enhanced Cu-SeeMe & need to find an interoperable
Unix solution.

I have been using nv & vat with the White Pine reflector to support Unix
workstations, but White Pine has said that nv (& vat) will no longer be
officially supported in the WP reflector after version 3.0 (which will have
H.263 support). Thus, I'm looking for a replacement for nv which uses the
H.263 codec.

I've sent e-mail to the vic folks @ LLBL asking about H.263 support & am
awaiting their reply.

Also, I've gotten conflicting info on licensing &/or patent issues for
H.261 vs H.263 (e.g., that one is more stringent than the other). Could
someone shed some light on this?


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