.92b1 problems

Charles Rasnic (razx@hotmail.com)
Wed, 21 May 1997 16:54:43 PDT

Installed win95 version 92b1 Cuseeme. The following is a list of bugs that I

1. If you get a connection time out, you must reboot. You will get a
message that the software can't connect to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx untill you reboot.
Closing the application or reconnecting with the host will not free up the

2. If you can't connect on the first try, and get a message back that the Ref is
full, you must try to connect, then stop the attempt and start the attempt again
to get it to actually try.

3.The connect button goes gray and won't restore in some instances.

4. In some instances the software turns off the send video and won't restore in
the phone book. It is unchecked in the pull down menu.

5. On certain Refs the software hangs and won't disconnect.

6. You get a lot of Connection time outs, no way to set the option. This happens
even on empty, unlimited Refs.

Thank you.
Chuck Rasnic

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