He gets me off the reflector, how ?

Nico Pot (Incoming@nico-pot.demon.nl)
Thu, 22 May 1997 23:33:17 +0200

Hi all,
This evening I was on Biker Cafe ( and there was a very rude
man that was yelling to anyone, lurkers buy a f.... cam and when they say
something back he say, I will trow you off the ref.
At that moment, my son has put his finger on the cam and has frozen the
It was black, but I don't watch myself so didn't notice it.
He starts to "talk" to me, was very rude and then it happens:
He say I trow you off and a couple of seconds later about 20 error messages
apeared on my screen: buy a cam, you need a fu.. cam, you are not allowed
to use this ref and a lot more, I was disconnected.
I reconnected my cam and send out a clear pic of me, changed my nick into :
I have a cam and reconnect.
For 5 minutes it wents ok, then he start again, I trow you off, bye !
Again, all the errors start again and I was gone.
Several times I reconnect and he trows a lot of users off the ref, being
very rude (he was at least 60 years old !!!) to everyone.

How does he do that (trow people of the ref.), can I do it, can I protect
myself so he can't do it anymore ? I like the ref but the chance is big
that this man starts all over again.
The ref says that it is public, I didn't send any bad language or strange
vids (never done that, never will.)
Please help.
TIA Nick
Nico Pot.
The Netherlands.
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