CU-SeeMe reflector compile for MKLinux?

cRoAtOaN (
Fri, 23 May 97 09:14:57 -0400


Looking on Cornell's server I was shocked to see that they have not
compiled a reflector for MKLinux and that they do not provide the source
code so I can do it myself. Was wondering if there was any reason that
they do not provide it or if it was that Gates finally got to them. :^)

Well, if anyone has a compiled version for me I would really appreciate

Viva la Macintosh!

FYI, It took me 1h 35m to have MKLinux FULLY functional on a
PowerMac7500. I have a co-worker who is still trying to get linux working
on a PC after TWO WEEKS! He was very jealous. :)


Christian F. Bonanno