Re: He gets me off the reflector, how ?

Steve Edgar (
Fri, 23 May 1997 10:17:25 -0400

There are several ways a person, who is not the system administrator of a
reflector, can "throw someone off" of a reflector. One way exploits an
oversight in the Cornell reflector code, and will only work if a Cornell
reflector is being used. White Pine has since closed this hole, and so it
doesn't exist in their reflectors. However there is another method that
will work on any participant, regardless of what kind of reflector (White
Pine or Cornell) is being used.

The "CU-SeeMe conference control protocol" could be modified to thwart all
attempts at surreptitious disconnects. This modification would not be
difficult, but would require a change in the both the reflector and
"client" code. It would be necessary for White Pine to initiate this
change, since Cornell no longer develops reflector software. Cornell could
then incorporate the change into its Windows and Mac clients, as soon as it
was available in White Pine reflectors.

-- Steve.

At 09:10 AM 5/23/97, Ciaran Carter wrote:
>I did hear somewhere about a bug in cuseeme that allows someone to send a
>"dissconnect from reflector" message from a client to the reflector and
>have it then reflected to another client thus forcing them off. It may be
>>Nico Pot wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> This evening I was on Biker Cafe ( and there was a very
>>> man that was yelling to anyone, lurkers buy a f.... cam and when they say
>>> something back he say, I will trow you off the ref.

>>Gosh what a jerk! Sorry you had this happen. I am curious how he did it,
>>too, but I do have a suggestion. The reflectors in Japan are very nice.