Re: CU-SeeMe reflector compile for MKLinux?

Brian Godette (
Fri, 23 May 1997 09:28:41 -0600

On Fri, 23 May 97 09:14:57 -0400
cRoAtOaN <> wrote:

> Rats.
> Looking on Cornell's server I was shocked to see that they have not
> compiled a reflector for MKLinux and that they do not provide the source
> code so I can do it myself. Was wondering if there was any reason that
> they do not provide it or if it was that Gates finally got to them. :^)

Well for one very good reason, MkLinux didn't exist when Cornell
compiled thier last version.

> Well, if anyone has a compiled version for me I would really appreciate
> it.
> Viva la Macintosh!
> FYI, It took me 1h 35m to have MKLinux FULLY functional on a
> PowerMac7500. I have a co-worker who is still trying to get linux working
> on a PC after TWO WEEKS! He was very jealous. :)

Hmmm 1h 35m, only three times longer than the normal Slackware install
on a PC.

Please excuse the platform warring, but that was just too much. I've
been building new (Slackware) Linux servers at work over the last few
weeks and it's never taken more than 30 minutes to get it installed. And
if one wanted an even easier install they could use Red Hat Linux 4.0.
> Regards,
> Chris
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> cRoAtOaN
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