Re: why oh why does it crash?
Sat, 24 May 1997 14:20:14 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 5/23/97 14:13:42, Chris wrote:

<<Let me know a few things:

-What version of system software are you using
-When was the last time you reloaded your system software
-Do you have virtual memory turned on...trick question

I do not think it is the client software since it happens with both
clients. So you sould look for and remove any unneccasary control panels
and extension and then see if it locks you up.

Currently I'm using 7.6.1, but also had this problem with 7.6. When I
installed 7.6.1, I trashed the old system folder and installed everything

I have VM turned off, since 32Mgs real ram is sufficient for my needs, (thus
far). I think I did try it once or twice with VM turned on tho, since memory
requirements apparently decrease with it.

Most of my control panels and extensions are pretty standard stuff. I've
tried restarting with extensions off except for those required to run the
quickcam and connect me to the internet. Not that I've ever gotten to the
point where I could try CU-Seeme over an internet connection.

The only non-standard extensions I have are: AOL Link, Jpegview jfif preview,
MacLinkPlus for easy open, Microsoft Dictionary/spelling stuff, Global
Village modem driver, RealAudio Daemon & decoder (installed after this
problem), TCPack for AOL, VIDEC and QuickCam.

Except for AfterDark and Nowmenus, all my control panels are standard Apple
system software stuff that came with my OS.

I think it *is* the client software, but not so much a bug as a basic
incompatibility with it and my Mac's. But so many other Mac users are happy
with CU-Seeme it's still got me really confused. I honestly don't think my
system is configured differently than most other people dated 5/23/97
21:34:50, Dee wrote:

<<Good luck. I have been asking the same question for three weeks and
can't get a response.


Well, I'm going to keep trying! What model do you have?


>I can't for the life of me figure out why CU-SeeMe freezes my computer
>everytime I try to launch it. Both the shareware and Whitepine Enhanced
>versions do the exact same thing. I launch it, it starts, the window opens,
>see an image of myself, then the machine freezes, and I can't quit out of
>Nothing works but command option powerkey to restart.
>I have a mac Performa 6300CD, I've got 32MGs ram available, I've allocated
>to 10MGs to CU-SeeMe. I using a color quickcam, with its auto hue and
>brightness turned off.
>My demo Whitepine enhanced version expired without my ever having had a
>chance to try the darn thing.