Re: why oh why does it crash?

cRoAtOaN (
Sat, 24 May 97 17:55:44 -0400

I think I am getting closer.

Two quick questions:

1) Have you ever tried to launch cu-seeme while you were connected to the

2) Who is your internet service providor?


>quickcam and connect me to the internet. Not that I've ever gotten to the
>point where I could try CU-Seeme over an internet connection. said:

>In a message dated 5/23/97 14:13:42, Chris wrote:
><<Let me know a few things:
>-What version of system software are you using
>-When was the last time you reloaded your system software
>-Do you have virtual memory turned on...trick question
>I do not think it is the client software since it happens with both
>clients. So you sould look for and remove any unneccasary control panels
>and extension and then see if it locks you up.
>Currently I'm using 7.6.1, but also had this problem with 7.6. When I
>installed 7.6.1, I trashed the old system folder and installed everything
>I have VM turned off, since 32Mgs real ram is sufficient for my needs, (thus
>far). I think I did try it once or twice with VM turned on tho, since memory
>requirements apparently decrease with it.
>Most of my control panels and extensions are pretty standard stuff. I've
>tried restarting with extensions off except for those required to run the
>quickcam and connect me to the internet. Not that I've ever gotten to the
>point where I could try CU-Seeme over an internet connection.
>The only non-standard extensions I have are: AOL Link, Jpegview jfif preview,
>MacLinkPlus for easy open, Microsoft Dictionary/spelling stuff, Global
>Village modem driver, RealAudio Daemon & decoder (installed after this
>problem), TCPack for AOL, VIDEC and QuickCam.
>Except for AfterDark and Nowmenus, all my control panels are standard Apple
>system software stuff that came with my OS.
>I think it *is* the client software, but not so much a bug as a basic
>incompatibility with it and my Mac's. But so many other Mac users are happy
>with CU-Seeme it's still got me really confused. I honestly don't think my
>system is configured differently than most other people dated 5/23/97
>21:34:50, Dee wrote:
><<Good luck. I have been asking the same question for three weeks and
>can't get a response.
>Well, I'm going to keep trying! What model do you have?
>>I can't for the life of me figure out why CU-SeeMe freezes my computer
>>everytime I try to launch it. Both the shareware and Whitepine Enhanced
>>versions do the exact same thing. I launch it, it starts, the window opens,
>>see an image of myself, then the machine freezes, and I can't quit out of
>>Nothing works but command option powerkey to restart.
>>I have a mac Performa 6300CD, I've got 32MGs ram available, I've allocated
>>to 10MGs to CU-SeeMe. I using a color quickcam, with its auto hue and
>>brightness turned off.
>>My demo Whitepine enhanced version expired without my ever having had a
>>chance to try the darn thing.


Christian F. Bonanno