He gets me off the ref...let's get him back!

truckerx (truckerx@redrose.net)
Mon, 26 May 1997 06:56:52 -0400

I have also had the sudden "disconnect" from the reflector problem
lately. What's worse is that this seems to be happening more frequently.
I have the paid-up, full version, of WPine's CU, so I know this is not a
matter of timing out. It seems, if I have a slight difference of an
opinion with some jerk on a ref, then suddenly, I am timed out and
disconnected. The troublesome part is that the code sent to disconnect
me, if that is the case, prevents me from re-connecting without first
re-booting. This is becoming a pain where the sun don't shine! Does
anyone have, or know of, any counter-code to thwart the attempts of
these people that is available now?