Re: He gets me off the ref...let's get him back!

Mark Badger (
Mon, 26 May 1997 07:44:40 -0700

truckerx wrote:
> I have also had the sudden "disconnect" from the reflector problem
> lately. What's worse is that this seems to be happening more
> frequently.
> I have the paid-up, full version, of WPine's CU, so I know this is not
> a matter of timing out.

it could easily be router problems. if some routers gets real busy and
starts dropping loads of packets you'll get exactly this effect.

> It seems, if I have a slight difference of an
> opinion with some jerk on a ref, then suddenly, I am timed out and
> disconnected. The troublesome part is that the code sent to > disconnect me, if that is the case, prevents me from re-connecting
> without first re-booting.

as i understand it there is a bug in Winsock that can be exploited which
would cause this symptom. nothing to do with CUCME.

> This is becoming a pain where the sun don't shine! Does
> anyone have, or know of, any counter-code to thwart the attempts of
> these people that is available now?

great suggestion ! now as well as moronic chat ("SHOW ME TEETZ", ad
nauseum) and crotch cams we're going to have disconnect battles ?

WPine could fix this bug in a matter of minutes. It has been fixed in
Brian Godette's Enhanced reflector and some versions of the cornell
reflector where sources have been made available to the administrators.

Actually, the situation is an excellent argument for making the cornell
reflector sources available in the public domain. the folks at cornell
may not want to continue development, but there are many of us out here
in refland that have the requisite skills to maintain and improve the

the current situation is not very productive.