Re: WP reflector 2.0.3 & 2.1

Brian Godette (
Tue, 27 May 1997 10:53:03 -0600

On Tue, 27 May 1997 08:29:58 -0300
Kevin McCluskey <> wrote:

> Errors for both versions of the reflector seem to be one of 2
> 1. SocketSendTo(Cuseeme Unicast)
> FATAL ERROR: (No such file or directory) EXITING

This is saying the socket that listens for CU-SeeMe Unicast data (UDP port
7648) has been closed. Now since this is a UDP socket, this error should
never occure unless the reflector itself closes the socket, or couldn't
create it to begin with.

> Unicast is set to off so I am somewhat puzzeled by this error.
> 2.Client 204.81.xx.xx is not found and message 6 is not Open
> Client 204.81.xx.xx is not found and message 6 is not Open

Age old client problem, and should basically be ignored. Message 6 is a
disconnect packet. With any reflector that doesn't send a close
connection packet back to the client, most clients will continue to send
close connection packets to the reflector (this is the "slow disconnect"
problem with the new PC Cornell versions).

> I have stripped the few numbers form the ip but you get the picture.
> These lines will repete many times. I have asked a few of the clients to
> change their IP stack and this has had no effect. I can also generate the
> same errors by connecting to my reflector from my Macintosh which uses the
> generic mactcp.
> Any help would be appreciated!
> Kevin McCluskey
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> Canada
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