Re: why oh why does it crash?

cRoAtOaN (
Wed, 28 May 97 08:31:45 -0400

Almost there. Yes, when you launch CU without tcp/ip connectivity an
error screen appears; it is probably that alert that was making you crash.

I do not know if you can use cornell's CU with AOL. AOL is not really a
direct connection to the internet, ie. you are not assigned an IP address
(Flame me here if this has change since 1996). If you can run Netscape,
not the AOL browser, than CU should not be a problem. But I think in
there somewhere lies your problem, it would be best to call AOL and ask
them if CU works with AOL. Otherwise, check out They are a MacCentric internet provider. :)

It does sound like there is something flakey with your machine, however.
If you have Norton Utilities, use it; if you don't, buy it. The Master
Directory Block frequently goes sour on mac Hard Drives and can cause
several problems and disk fragmentation can do the same. Also try
throwing out your Finder Preferences in your Preferences Folder, and a
file in your system folder called MacTCP DNR. You might have to reset
your finder prefs in the views control panel when you restart but the
MacTCP DNR file will be rebuilt. Oh, and rebuild your desktop every week.

Version .90 is for PC's.

And if you can, buy MacOS8 when it comes out in July, it's sweet. :)

Chris wrote:

>In a message dated 5/24/97 13:36:57, Dee wrote:
><<You are telling my story just about exactly so I will tell the
>differences in our systems. I have a PowerMac 7300/100 with 39 Mgs. I
>have actually had CU working on this machine!!!! Then I upgraded to
>System 7.5.5, and that was the end of CU forever.>>
>In a message dated 5/24/97 14:55:45, Chris wrote:
><<I think I am getting closer.
>Two quick questions:
>1) Have you ever tried to launch cu-seeme while you were connected to the
>2) Who is your internet service providor?>>
>Ok, here's what's happened with me so far:
>Chris asked me if I tried launching CU *after* I'd connected to the Internet.
>I couldn't remember if I had, and felt kinda stupid if that was the problem.
>So while I was still signed on, I launched CU. Lo and behold, it worked! Sort
>of. I have to switch out my quickcam and printer because they use the same
>port, and I don't have a switchbox. Well, that day the printer was connected,
>not the quickcam. So, it worked, but of course I didn't get an image, just
>static. But, the machine didn't crash. so, I restarted and plugged the QC
>back in, signed on, and launched CU. It crashed. There's a clue in there
>somewhere, but I don't know what it is. It works as long as the camera's not
>plugged in? I'm not that ugly!
>Anyway, you asked what version of CU I was using. It was .85b1 I think. I
>went ahead, and DL'd .87b1, and guess what, it works. Again, sort of. This
>time I get an image, and the machine doesn't crash. But now I have to figure
>out how to connect via AOL. Everytime I try to connect it fails. Even doing
>the "connect to self" option fails. I know people have used it via AOL's
>Windows version, but I can't find any info on Macs. And, after about 5
>different tries, it crashed again. So, I'm getting closer, but still no
>Where did you get CU .90? I FTP'd to the Cornell site and the latest they had
>was .87b1.
>> >I can't for the life of me figure out why CU-SeeMe freezes my computer
>> >everytime I try to launch it. Both the shareware and Whitepine Enhanced
>> >versions do the exact same thing. I launch it, it starts, the window
>> I
>> >see an image of myself, then the machine freezes, and I can't quit out of
>> it.
>> >Nothing works but command option powerkey to restart.
>> >
>> >I have a mac Performa 6300CD, I've got 32MGs ram available, I've allocated
>> up
>> >to 10MGs to CU-SeeMe. I using a color quickcam, with its auto hue and
>> >brightness turned off.
>> >
>> >My demo Whitepine enhanced version expired without my ever having had a
>> >chance to try the darn thing.
>> Currently I'm using 7.6.1, but also had this problem with 7.6. When I
>> installed 7.6.1, I trashed the old system folder and installed everything
>> fresh.
>> I have VM turned off, since 32Mgs real ram is sufficient for my needs,
>> far). I think I did try it once or twice with VM turned on tho, since
>> requirements apparently decrease with it.

Christian F. Bonanno