Re: CU-SEEME audio problems

Rolf Hemmerling (
Wed, 28 May 1997 19:30:48 +0200 wrote:
>I downloaded CuSeeMe V2.0 and
>installed it OK to my Pentium 60 Mhz witrh 16 megs of RAM. When I went to
>run it I could access chat but no matter how many times I pushed the
>"transmit" button, and saw the visual scale indicating I was speaking,
>nobody (save one) answered me. I do not know if it works as a result. I do
>know that one individual, whose name was highlighted with a green box around
>his information when I saw the list of members in chat, was very upset with
>me and cursed me out. That was the only voice I got from anywhere, and I
>could not deselect his name from the list. I also get no video although once
>one picture of the earth came through partially from the NASA site. What am
>I doing wrong here? Can anyone help.
>I will be replicating this experience for my laptop (100 MHZ Pentium) with a
>video/audio capture PC card if ever I can get this program to work.
>Is the pay version any better/easier or is it the "time out" feature the
>only difference?
No other difference, they say !
This is a CU-SEEME bandwidth problem, and driver problem.
I am using a 28.8 Kbit connection.
I got a CONNECTIX B/W cam for the parallel port
My computer is a 486 DX 133 PC, running WFW 3.11, WIN95 and WIN-NT 3.51.
Currently, I am using the 32-bit version of CU-SEEME 2.1.1x on WIN95.
I got a SOUNDBLASTER PRO (8-bit stereo). CU-SEEME 2.1.1x offers me two
different drivers for sending:
a) Microsoft Audio Mapper
b) Soundblaster Record (220)
and for receiving:
a) Microsoft Audio Mapper
b) Soundblaster playback (220)

With the Soundblaster Record (220) driver, I may just use the DELTA-Mod
kbps) compression code.

With the Microsoft Audio Mapper driver (for sending), I may also use
the Digtalk (8.5 Kps) and Voxware (2.4 kps) driver, but... CU-SEEME
crashes instantly (with my machine) !! Please try this on Your machine.

Now look at the tranmission protocol (the 2nd button from left below
the video frame) and look at the transmission speed of Your video in

Now argue: I got just 28.8 Kbps, if my Delta-Mod takes 16 kbps there are
just 12.8 left for video. But reflectors often do not allow real 28.8
kbps transmission speed for a single channel, and maybe even the line
between Your provider and the rest of the Internet calms You (Your
connection) down !

But if the video takes 16 or 20 kbps by itself, without a brake.. there
not enough bandwidth for delta modulation !

For receiving, You must add the transmission values of all other video
connects, too, not just that of Your partner !

Btw, currently, Mac owners don't have Digitalk and Voxware drivers !

a) Stop or freeze the video while You speak
b) close all video windows except that of Your partner
c) press the "personal talk" button of Your partner (below the video
?? what does that help??
d) Use Digitalk drivers (Voxware sounds too bad !)
I found other people who don`t crash if they use these drivers !
So maybe its a problem with my Soundblaster Pro (8-bit, not 16-bit !)
e) Stop any further action on your local computer (i.e. just run
CU-SEEME and nothing else) and on the line (don't use an FTP and
let a browser look (download) for new pages) !

With other software, certain audio drivers (with high compression rates)
expect a Pentium PC (not a P60.. but a P200), but such software often
just checks the CPU type (my AMD 486-133 is *as* fast as a P60!)

Any further suggestions are welcomed !

Btw, the video conferencing software XtX does all what CU-SEEME promised
for the last three years: Moving video even with three or more parties,
audio works *very* fine, You may cut&paste the contents of the chat

But there is just one promise which is just fulfilled by CU-SEEME: You
see the prettiest girls on your screen, and often they are willing to
talk to You ... just because CU-SEEEME is available for the MAC,
and such communicative girls just own MACs !! Believe me or check
the user info by clicking with the *left* mousebutton on the entries
of the participant list !


Maybe (probably), high compression drivers like Voxware require more
CPU power than less compressing drivers !

If You don't see the green level indicator while speaking, nothing is
transmitted !


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