Re: White Pine CUSeeMe 3.1x Text Chat Problems?

J.Purdy (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 23:07:58 -0700

I have had this very same experience at least 20 times now, as have several
of my friends, it's like you don't exist, no one sees your chat.

At 10:01 AM 4/30/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Wayne and all. I was at least one of the people who reported the missing
>chat problem to White Pine. There were some instances where I'd be in a
>MPCS ref (WP Cafe USA) and we'd all be chatting publicly............then
>I'd become aware that I wasn't seeing the public chat of one of my friends
>there, although others saw it. I was seeing the public chat of everyone
>else though. I would ask about it and then this friend would send some chat
>to me privately and *then* I would see his chat. He would go back to
>sending chat publicly and again I wouldn't see it. If I then left the Ref
>and then came back in the problem would be fixed and I *could* see his
>public chat. In these cases all of us were using WP CU v3.1.1.004. I've
>seen this problem happen about 5 times since v3.1.1.004 has been out. This
>problem does *not* happen all the time, if fact it usually *doesn't*. I
>asked around to a friend who frequents White Pine Cafe Europe (also a PC
>ref) and she said this problem has been happening there as well since
>v3.1.1.004 came out.
>Thanks Wayne for bringing this subject up here. I agree WP has an excellent
>product. I only use WP CU 3.x clients and stay on MPCS Refs and everything
>always works fine.........vids, audio, everything. WP has some idea about
>what may be causing this bug but I got the same letter you did asking for
>more input on it. I'm just telling what I told them to give you an idea
>what it's about.
>At 12:40 PM 4/30/98 +0000, Wayne Fisher wrote:
>>I personally have NOT experienced the problem (yet) but, according to
>>some folks I talked to, there may be a possible text chat problem with
>>version 3.1x of the White Pine CUSeeMe Client.
>>Apparently, in some cases, text chat typed into a 3.1x client is not
>>sent correctly to some users....
>>As a beta tester for White Pine, I would like to try to collect some
>>data from users who are experiencing this problem (if it in fact does
>>exist), collate the data, and then send it off to White Pine in hopes
>>that they can find out what is causing the supposed problem and correct
>>it for the official release of 3.1.1.
>>Has anyone here experienced any type of text chat problems with the 3.1x
>>client? If so, could you please provide me with the following:
>>(1) Version of CU software YOU were using
>>(2) Type of reflector connected to (White Pine 2.x, Brian Godet's ERef,
>>Cornell, or White Pine MPCS)
>>(3) Version of software the person you were sending the text chat to
>>was using
>>(4) What happened? Was the text chat not received? Was it private or
>>public chat? etc.
>>I think White Pine has produced an excellent product and, as a beta
>>tester, I want to ensure that I can assist them in debugging this
>>problem in any manner that I can.
>>Thanks in advance for you assistance....
>>- Wayne