Can't see >2 video w. MeetingPoint

David Shaykewich (
Fri, 01 May 1998 10:21:36 -0700


We are trying to do a MeetingPoint video conference with four computers
on a LAN. We can use the chat utility between all four but cannot get
audio or video for more than two people at a time. All computers can
get video and audio from all computers but only on a one-to-one basis;
ie any pair of computers can video (and audio) conference with each
other but cannot get video/audio from a third person (while being able
to use the chat utility with the third person).

We are trying to perform the conference on an ethernet LAN using CU
Seeme 3.1 and MS NetMeeting. All computers are PII 300Mhz or better.
We are using US Robotics big picture video cameras.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help!

PS Does anyone know of a list or group specifically for MeetingPoint?
I don't want to clutter this list with MP questions if I should be doing
it somewhere else.