Re: Can't see >2 video w. MeetingPoint

Jason Williams (
Fri, 1 May 1998 16:02:34 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 1 May 1998, David Shaykewich wrote:
> We are trying to do a MeetingPoint video conference with four computers
> on a LAN. We can use the chat utility between all four but cannot get
> audio or video for more than two people at a time.

You are mixing CU-SeeMe with Netmeeting? I don't see how you can get chat
to work between Netmeeting clients and CU-SeeMe clients. All the CU-SeeMe
clients can use the chat window with themselves. And all the H.323
(Netmeeting) clients can use the chat window with themselves. But it
doesn't cross over as far as I know.

As far as the audio and video go, I only have very limited experience with
it. It sounds like the MPCS server isn't setup for H.323 connections.
(You need to do "h323 -c <ID> on" I believe). Assuming you're on the NT
version of MPCS, the T.120 server should also be running so you can share

When you connect to a MPCS server with Netmeeting, you should see a couple
of connections open up (one says MPCS and the other says T.120 I's been awhile). Then you have to mess with the switching side
of MPCS configuration. I think, by default it's setup to switch on audio.
So you'll see ONE video window that will switch whenever someone sends
audio. You can also change it to switch based on time. So every X
seconds, it will show someone else (in a round robin fashion I think).

If you use ALL CU-SeeMe clients, or ALL Netmeeting clients, it shouldn't
be a problem. Though the Netmeeting interface is kind of clunky since it
doesn't natively support multiple vids.

> PS Does anyone know of a list or group specifically for MeetingPoint?
> I don't want to clutter this list with MP questions if I should be doing
> it somewhere else.

I don't know of one....Maybe a White Pine employee can respond with more

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