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Jason Williams (
Sat, 2 May 1998 01:16:47 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Jeffrey Roach wrote:
> I am a new user to cu-seeme

Welcome to the madness :)

> I am using the cornell version and have tried the white pine version a
> while ago. Do they use different compression techniques?

Are you referring to the video or audio? White Pine does provide
additional codecs for use on top of grayscale.

> On which is the audio quality better?

That's a pretty subjective question..sine most of the time, bandwidth is
the limiting factor for audio quality.

It also depends on the type of audio...For voice, the G.723 codecs with
the 3.1 version of CU-SeeMe are supposed to be pretty good. I just use
the Delta-mod codec and don't have any problems.

> Is the freeware version able to contact other users of h.323 or does it
> have the same compatability of the commercial version?

No..The Cornell version isn't H.323 compliant. Only Enhanced CU 3.1 works
with other H.323 clients..but only if you use a MPCS server.

> Is there any way to improve the audio quality in the freeware version?

I'm not sure how well the Mac version handles audio...but here's the
advice I give everyone with audio on CU:
Set your max send to 20..max receive to 28.
Select the delta-mod codec at 100ms (long delay)
Pause your vid and close all other vids.

Then try audio and see if that works.

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