Jeffrey Roach (
Sun, 3 May 1998 13:32:27 -0600

Thank you to Jason Williams for your helpful and informative comments to me
and others. I am a mac user and have been trying various internet phone
software. Unfortunately, there is not as much available for the mac as the
pc in this area. Could someone suggest any alternatives to cu-seeme and/or
pages that deal with telephony software for mac? I would like to be able
to speak with pc users as well as mac which narrows the alternatives down
even more but anything would suffice. The main thing I look for is good
audio quality with little delay. I've tried Netscape Conference (I liked
this one very much but couldn't get it to stop crashing), ClearPhone (too
much delay), CoolTalk (not very good audio quality), DigiPhone (couldn't
find anyone to test it with, the pubs were empty), VocalTec's Internet
Phone (not very good audio quality, short life demo, and too many xxx
callers), etc. I am using a g3 with a 56k modem. Thanks for any