Re: alternatives

Ray Gannon (
Sun, 3 May 1998 21:35:12 -0400 (EDT)

iVisit (at is probably the best new alternative for video and
audio over the net. The video speeds are amazing and the audio, while a bit
tinney, is clear as a bell. They have Macintosh and PC versions available and
the author is pro-macintosh.

Just my two cents

In message <v03130300b17274a6a6ff@[]> writes:
> Thank you to Jason Williams for your helpful and informative comments to me
> and others. I am a mac user and have been trying various internet phone
> software. Unfortunately, there is not as much available for the mac as the
> pc in this area. Could someone suggest any alternatives to cu-seeme and/or
> pages that deal with telephony software for mac? I would like to be able
> to speak with pc users as well as mac which narrows the alternatives down
> even more but anything would suffice. The main thing I look for is good
> audio quality with little delay. I've tried Netscape Conference (I liked
> this one very much but couldn't get it to stop crashing), ClearPhone (too
> much delay), CoolTalk (not very good audio quality), DigiPhone (couldn't
> find anyone to test it with, the pubs were empty), VocalTec's Internet
> Phone (not very good audio quality, short life demo, and too many xxx
> callers), etc. I am using a g3 with a 56k modem. Thanks for any
> suggestions.
> Jeffrey