Red, Jason, and Donald

Jeffrey Roach (
Mon, 4 May 1998 12:55:53 -0600

Red wrote:

>Try PgPfone:


>I'd be glad to help test it with you.

>Red Head

Red, as I mentioned in my posting, PGPfone was one of the ones that I have
tried and I like it quite well. In fact, I have a Meeting Page devoted to
it at

It has very nice audio quality even over low bandwidth/slower processor
connections. Unfortunately, it is difficult to meet people to use it with,
there is no file transfer, video, or whiteboard. If there was a dls
service independent of any phone software that allowed you to check to see
if someone who owned pgpfone was online, this would be very helpful. I
would be happy to speak with you sometime. I work from 3 to 7:15 cdt
Monday through Friday. Almost any time outside of that would be good. Let
me know what works for you by sending me email at

Jason wrote:

>I agree...iVisit is definitely a new and upcoming videoconferencing

Jason, I have tried ivisit. I re-downloaded it to give it another try. I
didn't connect with very many people but the audio, while nice sounding,
was not to good. I will try using it some more.

Donald wrote:


>You had posted a message regarding voice conferencing over the mac-pc link
>via the internet. I too am interested in this topic.

>Should you find anything please let me know.

>One question of you that I did have you said you had used Netscape
>Conference. I am unfamiliar with this. Will this allow voice over the
>internet? And is this just for Mac's or can you talk to PCs as well?

>Thanks for responding.


Donald, I have been searching for good audio conferencing software that is
cross-platform and works well over a modem for a while. PGPfone is very
good if you are just interested in audio. Its free, cross-platform, has
very good audio quality, and simple. Its only drawback is that you have to
contact the person you are trying to meet after connecting to the internet
to exchange ip addresses. There are no meeting places (other than my
Meeting Page which I mentioned above). The Cornell version of CU-SeeMe is
another option for pc to mac conferencing. Its only drawback is mediocre
audio quality. Netscape's Conference is also cross-platform. I'm not sure
how well it works on PC's (although I have talked to many people on PCs
using it) but when you can get it to work for Macintosh it is very nice.
It has pretty good audio quality, whiteboard, video, and collaborative
browsing. Unfortunately, many people who have tried it on the Mac can not
get it to stop crashing. If you have a mac and are interested in it, let
me know and I can give you a few tips on using it. Those are the
possibilities that I have come across. It would be nice if there was a Mac
version of NetMeeting as I hear that works pretty well, but I don't know if
that will happen. Good luck and let me know if you find something that
works for you!


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