Re: Red, Jason, and Donald

Gary Dietz (
Mon, 04 May 1998 16:58:23 -0400

>It also depends on how you define "cross-platform". Between Macs and PCs
>is one thing. Having audio work between Macs, PCs, SunOs, Solaris, Linux,
>SGI, FreeBSD, AIX, etc. is a bit more challenging. That's where G.723
>comes in..but most applications don't support it. Enhanced CU does but
>only if you're connected with a MeetingPoint server. Audio and

Not true. G.723 audio on CU works on point-to-point conferences with no
intervening server.

>The nice aspect about iVisit and CU-SeeMe is the fact that it's
>multipoint. You can talk in a GROUP of people instead of just one-one.
>It makes it much more realistic in my opinion.

This is true too.

With MeetingPoint, you can use MS NetMeeting's audio in a true multi-point
environment (though the video is only 1 remote window at a time).

I also agree with Jason's statement about audio -- bandwidth makes the

In my personal experience, I can get great p-2-p audio on a 28.8 connection
when the Internet Gods are friendly--which ain't on AOL on a Friday night ;-)

When I am on a LAN with a private MPCS server, I can get great audio
conferencing quality (but then again I have the bandwidth).

And yes, G.723 and Digitalk are optimized for voice, I believe.

Other audio issues to tweak -
1) Get a good mic
2) Determine if your sound card requires a powered mic or not. This can be
a showstopper. Some audio God can jump in on this point.
3) Make sure the Windows audio system has the correct input selected and is
pumping out enough volume.


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