New Features for CU-SeeMe 1.0

Tony Deskin (
Mon, 4 May 1998 22:15:25 -0700

New Features for CU-SeeMe 1.0

Color - You can now send and receive color video using a variety of
different video compression codes. Two sizes are supported: 160x120 and

View Active Reflector Conferences - When connecting to reflectors running
multiple conferences, you can see a list of all active conferences. This
option can also be turned off for "Quick Connecting".

Log Chat to File - This option allows you to log all incoming chat to a
file. The date and time of all
connects/disconnects can also be logged.

See Who is Viewing Your Video - It is now easy to tell at a glance who is
viewing your video.

MicroSize Video - You can shrink remote videw windows down to 80x60.

Auto-MicroSize - This option allows you to automatically shrink new video
windows to MicroSize.

Stretch Big Video - 320x240 video can be stretched to 640x480.

Stats are Optional - You can choose to show or hide the fps and kbps stats
at the bottom of the remote video

Launch From Web Page - You can now launch and connect CU-SeeMe from a
command file (of type .cu or .csm).
This allows CU-SeeMe to be launched and connected from a web page.

Multiple Video Capture Devices - CU-SeeMe can now support multiple installed
video capture devices.

Latch Mode for Audio - You no longer have to hold down the "Push to Talk"
button to send continuous audio.

New Audio Stats - Codec type, kbps, and packet loss are now displayed for
audio in the Stats window.

New Audio Controls - Fine tune audio sending and receiving via several new
audio settings.

Bigger Conferences - You can now have up to 64 participants in a conference.

More Video Windows - You can now have up to 24 video windows open.
(MicroSize comes in very handy here.)

Better RGB16 to B/W Conversion - The RGB16 to Black and White conversion has
been improved.

Improved Status Bar - The status bar on the main window will show the
nickname and conference ID in use.

Convenient, Compact and Fast - CU-SeeMe 1.0 consists of only file, about
660K in size, with no additional DLLs.

And, of course, all the features from the previous version 0.92b2 are still

All this looks ready great. And I sit here wondering when we can expect it
to be available to down load?

Tony Deskin