Re: New Features for CU-SeeMe 1.0

Larry Chace (
Tue, 5 May 1998 11:42:24 -0400

As one of the "old timers" on the Cornell CU-SeeMe development team (but
one who has been inactive for quite a while), I'd like to make a couple of

Much of what has been mentioned here on this list about possible new
features in CU-SeeMe, whether from Cornell or from White Pine, is purely
and simply a matter of taste, personal preference, and familiarity. There
is very little of the discussion that is based upon any quantitative
measurements, nor is that really possible, since much of this discussion is
about user interface factors, something upon which almost _no one_ can
agree! ;-)

That Cornell and White Pine might take differnet approaches and emphasize
different aspects is entirely sensible and is also A Good Thing. Different
versions, interoperating, provide different users with their differing
solutions to their differing needs (and preferences).

There is no conflict between the two. A few folks might prefer a "free"
version that has some additional features and a few folks might prefer an
officially supported (and further developed) version. For the overwhelming
number of users (present and potential), however, Cornell and White Pine
are _not_ competitors but are partners, each providing complimentary

It makes little sense for folks to scream and yell at each other over
matters for which neither can convince the other!

(These are of course just My Own Private Opinions and do not reflect the
view of any other persons or organizations!)

Larry Chace (