TV Card and P-port problems

Kevin Lawless (
Wed, 06 May 1998 00:24:33 +0100


Has anyone tried running a parallel port B/W connectix camera with a
Hauppauge WinTV card installed? More to the point, has anyone done this
with success? My original configuration was with a parallel port B/W
camera which worked fine. However, when I installed a WinTV card CU-SEEME
finds this instead of the Camera. I can find no way of switching between
video sources.

I have tried the following,

i) re-installing CU-SEEME but it always finds the TV card and not the camera.

ii)Invoking the TV card to view a TV channel before running CU-SEEME. In
this instance CU-SEEME runs but shows no video or video options, only sound.

iii) Tried installing CU-SEEME when the TV card was busy receiving a TV
channel. In this case the program installed but when it was run I got the
same results as in i) and ii) above.

I get the impression that if a TV/Video card is installed then CU-SEME will
immediately default to that, there appears to be no options to change the
video source. I seem to remember that the old version of CU-SEEME allowed
one to choose switch between sources and CODECS.

Can anyone can suggest any solutions apart from the extreme case of
removing the TV card..?

Thanks in advance
Kevin Lawless
University Of Southampton (U.K.)