.96A17 vid & screen problem.... help?

Jack McAdams (daedalus@ptd.net)
Tue, 05 May 1998 20:04:28 -0400

I've been using WP CUSEEME for awhile now and anxiously awaiting Cornell's
new release. A few days ago I loaded Cornell .96A17, and now I am stumped.
Any inputs, thoughts, and - especially - answers would be appreciated! Here

Hardware: Pentium 233MMX, 96MB RAM, ATI All-in-wonder vid capture with 4MB,
Philips color cam through composite input.
Software: Win95 OEM 'B', Cornell CUSEEME .96A17

Vid setup problem:
It is my understanding that I should be MPEG CODEC and YVU Planar (Indeo
Raw). Attempting to do so results in an error message "Error: Unable to
draw this data format". The 'local' vid monitor is black.

If I use MPEG with YVU12 Planar (MPEG RAW) or ATI packed YUV data I receive
the "Unsupported Video Capture Setting" Message. Local vid monitor appears
to be OK.

I generally run 32 bit color but dropped down to 16 bit, thinking this
could be the cause of the problem. There was no difference in the symptoms.

I downloaded and installed the current video drivers from ATI last night.
This did not have any effect.

This is probably either cockpit error or something everyone on the list
knows the answer to already; I'm stumped! Any help would be appreciated.

Screen Problem:
Same configuration as above.

The 'main' screen cannot be reduced; it is always full-screen. The box
changes to the double-square, but I cannot capture the corners to shrink
the screen. Vids and the chat box are behind the main screen.

I've tried changing from 640X480 to 800X600 without success. Any help for
this one?

I appreciate any and all suggestions!

Jack McAdams