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Wayne Fisher (
Wed, 06 May 1998 17:37:43 +0000


Reflector passwords on the commercial side of things ARE used.... let me give
you 2 examples of what I mean....

Let's pretend I work for a software development firm that uses White Pine
CUSeeMe for videoconferencing (instead of having to travel to a remote
destination for a meeting, or instead of conference calls via a telephone in
which you can't see or interact via whiteboard with all of the participants).
The company I work for has a private reflector set up with various conference
ids for the departments using the reflector. In addition, my company has set up
passwords for each of the conferences to keep out unwanted participants...
without these passwords in placed, a competitor or an unwanted 3rd party could
easily listen in on our private, company meetings, and gain access to propietary

Or, for example, let's say you are in the entertainment field, and have set up a
reflector so that users can chat 1:1 with movie stars or people in the
entertainment field. You charge the user for this privilege, and then give them
a password to the conference so that people who have not paid for access cannot
get in....

Yeah, I know, I'm oversimplifying here.... I guess what I'm trying to say is
maybe we need to stop thinking as personal home users, and maybe start thinking
about possible corporate uses for our technology..... then, many of the things
in software today would make sense :) - and, it also boils down to preferences
and personal taste... I can understand you not wanting to visite a ref that has
a password in place, but that doesn't mean reflector passwords do not have their
uses... to each his own :)

Cornell and White Pine have BOTH produced excellent products.... I guess the one
you use depends on personal preference.... simple as that :)

BTW - Tim Dorcey (one of the original programmers of CU at Cornell) and his
associates have incorporated password protection in their new iVisit product
(which I also like)....

- Wayne

Jason Williams wrote:

> On Wed, 6 May 1998, Steve Berry wrote:
> > i like the new ver of cornell cu-seeme for win95 but the prob is some ref's
> > that i visit need a password and i do not see how to put one in for loging
> > on to them. how can this be done or can it?
> As far as I know, it can't. You CAN use Conference IDs just fine, but
> passwords are a White Pine only feature for now. I still think that any
> public reflector that requires passwords isn't thinking of the people who
> use their reflector. Forcing people to use the White Pine client for
> access to a reflector only serves to limit their audience. Why should I
> be forced to use buggy software that I don't like just to access their
> reflector? The answer: I generally don't use reflectors that require
> passwords and the problem is solved :)
> Passwords serve the same purpose as Conference-IDs made private do. The
> only instance where I can see passwords are actually REQUIRED for security
> purposes is when the reflector is a White Pine 2.0.X reflector which
> didn't have any restrictions on who could see the private conferences via
> telnet. Other than that, people are going to have to enter a password for
> access anyway. It might as well be a conference ID instead. Just my
> opinion though. :)
> I also believe the White Pine client and reflector encrypt the password
> when it transfers it, so it's not as simple to implement.
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