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> CU-SEEME-L Digest 1483

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> 3) Red, Jason, and Donald
> by Jeffrey Roach <>

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> From: Jeffrey Roach <>
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> Subject: Red, Jason, and Donald

Red wrote:

> >Try PgPfone:

> >

Jeffrey Roach <> wrote:

> It has very nice audio quality even over low bandwidth/slower processor
> connections. Unfortunately, it is difficult to meet people to use it with,

> Donald, I have been searching for good audio conferencing software that is
> cross-platform and works well over a modem for a while. PGPfone is very
> good if you are just interested in audio. Its free, cross-platform, has
> very good audio quality, and simple. Its only drawback is that you have to

i also have had great results using audio on the early versions of pgpfone
running on a ram disk on a 40 mHz 68k mac with a 28.8 connection. at the
time when i tried it, it was my opinion that pgpfone had the best audio of
all the applications i tried that had a 68k mac and ms windows version (
these programs included: cuseeme, and internet phone). for me the drawback
was at the time i used it pgpfone was available for north americans only. i
dont know if this requirement has since changed.

i have since tried ivisit and i noticed the audio had a metalic quality to
it. i suspect this may have had something to do with my set up.

> Meeting Page which I mentioned above). The Cornell version of CU-SeeMe is
> another option for pc to mac conferencing. Its only drawback is mediocre

i get decent enough audio on cu to carry on a voice conversation with my e
mail pen pal in australia for a couple of hours every other month during
business hours or evening hours (GMT -5/4) without any problems or few
problems. i was located in michigan usa when we 1st began using cu and now
im in new york city usa.

in my opinion enhanced cu has good audio when u use the low bandwidth audio
codecs with voice transmissions.

> audio quality. Netscape's Conference is also cross-platform. I'm not sure
> how well it works on PC's (although I have talked to many people on PCs
> using it) but when you can get it to work for Macintosh it is very nice.
> It has pretty good audio quality, whiteboard, video, and collaborative
> browsing. Unfortunately, many people who have tried it on the Mac can not
> get it to stop crashing. If you have a mac and are interested in it, let

the mac version of this application requires a ppc which was a problem for
me prior to my upgrading from a 68k mac to a ppc. it also crashed often on
my ppc. the solution for me was to remove some extensions from my system

clearphone i understand has hi fi audio using quicktime 3. unfortunately
last time i checked it was a mac only application.

for those interested in internet telephony u may wish to visit:

to view July 25 1996 Version 0.5 of the FAQs: How can I use the Internet
as a telephone?

Mark Andrew Nassy,