Re: Bugs/annoyances Cornell 0.96a17

Brian Godette (
Thu, 07 May 1998 08:07:22 -0600

At 03:50 AM 5/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I found a couple bugs in the Cornell color client. They aren't big ones,
>but they're annoying.
>1) On occasion, when dialing a reflector the dial window will just freeze
>for nearly a minute. The main window's "disconnect" icon doesn't light up.
>Clicking the main task and dialer task on the taskbar repeatedly seems to
>help restart it.

This happens when it's trying to resolve a domain name that either doesn't
exist or the DNS server your using can't get an answer for quickly....
solution is to use an IP address unless the reflector is on a dynamic IP
(DHCP Cable Modem for example). It'll also "freeze" if you don't have quick
connect turned on and the reflector is behind a firewall with TCP (not UDP)
port 7648 blocked.

>2) Certain reflectors will cause Cu-SeeMe to crash. It appears this is
>caused when a user joins the conference. The reflector I'm having trouble
>with is running ER v1.07b9. Here's the stack dump from a crash:

This is actually a bug in 1.07b9 which is fixed, along with a bunch of
problems due to Sparc's (I just *love* it when a CPU/platform breaks
perfectly valid ANSI C, grrrr), in the next version which should be out
this weekend. Tho the client really should crash, it is being passed some
potentially messed up OC packets.

>Other annoyances? A couple minor ones, but this is a GOOD program. 24-bit
>vid from my capture card isn't recognized, so I've taken it down to 15-bit
>vid. The dialer reverts to the main window after a failed dial attempt.
>It'd be nicer if the dialer window stayed on top, since it's the window
>that'll be used next. It would be nice if we could use passwords. Other
>than these gripes, I love this release.

Turn on quick connect and turn off auto-close.