Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro and Cornell v0.96a17

Alan Jarvi (
08 May 1998 13:00:04 -0400


I have an "Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro" capture card system I
inherited from a fellow co-worker. Video format selections are
limited to 'Intel Indeo(TM) RAW Video' and 'Intel Indeo(TM) R3.2
Video', in the Cornell CU-SeeMe release v0.96a17 "View -> Preferences
-> Video -> Video Format" window. Trying both formats results in a
"Unsupported video capture setting" popup window when the "MJPEG"
codec selection is made. I also notice the "View -> Preview"
selection is greyed out in this case. Selecting the "Black and White"
codec works fine.

Has anyone else succeeded in getting this type of capture card to work
in color with this release of CU-SeeMe? If so, I would be interested
in knowing what I need to do to also make it work. B/W is fine, but
color certainly would be better. I use this capture card with
"iVisit" and "NetMeeting" without any problems.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions, short of buying another


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