NT and Cornell V1.0 TCP problem

Ian (virus@mad.scientist.com)
Fri, 08 May 1998 14:26:30 -0600

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I am having trouble connecting to reflectors using version 0.96a17.
I have NT4.0 with Service Pack 3 and the teardrop2 ICMP hotfix
installed (I had this same problem without the hotfix installed). The
system is connected to a LAN (which is not connected to the Internet)
with an IP address of I dial up to an ISP with a 56K modem
when I want Internet connectivity.
When I start up Cornell CU, on the bottom right of the CU window it
reports an IP of This happens even when I am connected to
the Internet during CU startup. When I dial up a reflector, I get to
the "select conference" screen but I cannot connect to the conference.
I have this same problem with some reflectors (particulary on a
EREF) when connecting with WP CU. Server reports error "Server error
message: Your IP address is incorrect, restart CU-SeeMe
Network ( != Protocol (

[ECU ID#:8283]"
My first fix for this problem was to connect to a self-reflect
conference on a WP reflector; this seemed to clear up the IP confusion
for WP CU. It dosen't work for Cornell's latest version (or earlier
At first I thought that it was an IP binding order problem (I still
do). Good old NT won't allow me to change the binding order for
adapters - only protocols. Since TCP/IP is my only protocol, Windows
will not allow me to change the binding order.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? A fix? Or is it a
"ctrl-alt-del - Microsoft has no plans to fill this hole - so you're
on your own!" problem?
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