Re: Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro and Cornell v0.96a17

Phil (
Sat, 9 May 1998 03:18:43 -0400

> Hello,
> I have an "Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro" capture card system I
> inherited from a fellow co-worker. Video format selections are
> limited to 'Intel Indeo(TM) RAW Video' and 'Intel Indeo(TM) R3.2
> Video', in the Cornell CU-SeeMe release v0.96a17 "View -> Preferences
> -> Video -> Video Format" window. Trying both formats results in a
> "Unsupported video capture setting" popup window when the "MJPEG"
> codec selection is made. I also notice the "View -> Preview"
> selection is greyed out in this case. Selecting the "Black and White"
> codec works fine.
> Has anyone else succeeded in getting this type of capture card to work
> in color with this release of CU-SeeMe? If so, I would be interested
> in knowing what I need to do to also make it work. B/W is fine, but
> color certainly would be better. I use this capture card with
> "iVisit" and "NetMeeting" without any problems.
> Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions, short of buying another
> card...:-)

Try going with less bits. I had the same problem with my U.S. Robotics
Bigpicture card and cam setup. I discovered that using 24-bit vid wouldn't
work but 15-bit vid would work. I was able to use 24-bit vid with White
pine, as well as with Microsoft Netmeeting, VIRC, and just about everything

If anyone wants to know, the U.S. Robotics Bigpicture package is a
Brooktree chipset video capture card, similar to a Hauppage WinTV with no
tuner. The cam is an off-the-shelf Phillips eyeball cam. The software
driver is the same as Hauppage uses, even has their name on it.