Re: Fw: 1.07b9 ref

Robert Prociak (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 18:43:47 -0500

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From: Jason Williams <>
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Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 2:35 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: 1.07b9 ref

>On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, Robert Prociak wrote:
>> I am trying to get the ERv1.07b9 reflector to work on a dual homed winnt
>> 4.0 system (2 nic cards). The reflector seems to have the ability to
>> bind to any ip address you define in the config file . I can make the
>> reflector bind on either nic card, internal LAN or external through my
>> cable modem. The problem seems to be that I can not get it to bind to
>> both cards at once.
>I'm not quite sure WHY you want to bind to both IPs at once...except maybe
>as a gateway between your internal LAN and the outside world. The White
>Pine reflectors bind to all interfaces defined in a file after you run a
>program that spits out all the interfaces. The Enhanced Reflector binds
>to ALL IPs if you don't specify one..or to that one IP. I'm not sure you
>can bind to multiple interfaces with it without binding to all interfaces.
>I'm sure Brian knows much more about this since it's his reflector. ;)

That is exactly right I would like to use the reflector as a gateway for the
Yes I have tried the reflector without specifying an IP.
Binding to all interfaces would be fine.

Robert Prociak