Re: NT and Cornell V1.0 TCP problem

Jason Williams (
Sun, 10 May 1998 00:52:34 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 9 May 1998, Connecticut Couple wrote:
> White Pine blames this on Microsoft, but personally I believe that it is
> a normal situation to have more that a single network connection, and
> that there SHOULD be a way (command line, preference selection, etc) to
> select which adapter to use as a primary for the CU program.

It's funny how people's ideas change...Just a few years ago, no one would
ever consider setting up up an internal LAN at home like this. Now it
seems to be becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, it tends to
break some software.

In the unix world, the ability to specify which interface to bind to has
been the norm for quite awhile. I've seen some of the C code for listing
the available interfaces that can be bound to so I know it can't be too
hard. The only problem I see is that the initialization of ports is
typically done when the program loads up. Changing the interface on
startup might be possible, but the ability to change it while the program
is loaded would probably require a lot of reprogramming. But what do I
know :)

I do know it would be nice for CU-SeeMe developers, iVisit developers,
etc. to realize that people ARE having multiple interfaces and to program

> You did mention connecting connecting to a self reflect conference,
> would you possibly be able to point me in the direction of one of
> these??

Bill Woodland's reflector has a self-reflect conference..
ID 1.

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