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Ian (
Sun, 10 May 1998 10:32:02 -0600

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There are a lot of bugs from what I have heard concerning WP v3.1.
The infamous "build 25 bug" deals with compatibility issues which I
don't think is the problem in your case.

Usually, slow system response time is due to the fact that you are
running a Quickcam off of a parallel (printer) port. Another might be
the sheer size and weight of White Pine's CU client. Running Windows
NT task manager, I noticed WP version's of CU takes almost 10 MB
(9592K) of RAM just to load! If you have only 16 MB of RAM, your
computer only has 6 MB to play with and has to resort to paging memory
to disk in order to stay alive. This will result in a loss of
response time and it drastically reduces the life of your hard drive
due to excessive hard page faults.
If you happen to have a parallel based QCam, this just adds to your
problem. It requires more memory and CPU time to decode your image
than an actual bus based video capture card.

I am running a P200MMX with 64MB RAM and a QCam (parallel based).
While running White Pine, my system slows down dramatically - but not
as much as you are experiencing (probably due to my extra RAM).
I switched to Cornell University's CU client (it only weighs 500K) and
I can do more, faster without breaking the 32MB memory barrier. I can
also connect to more reflectors than I could with the WP CU client
(compatibility issues, I guess<?>). Oh, Yea - did I mention it's free?
It's either that or add more RAM to your system if you are biased
toward WP CU..

At 03:16 PM 5/10/98 +0800, you wrote:
Everytime I load CUSEEME 3.1 my computer starts to work really slow.
As in if I click on anything, the computer will respond after a
minute. This happens even if CUSEEME is the only program running.
All other programs run well on my computer.



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