Re: NT and Cornell V1.0 TCP problem

Ian (
Sun, 10 May 1998 10:45:20 -0600

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At 12:52 AM 5/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>In the unix world, the ability to specify which interface to bind to
>been the norm for quite awhile. I've seen some of the C code for
>the available interfaces that can be bound to so I know it can't be
>hard. The only problem I see is that the initialization of ports is
>typically done when the program loads up. Changing the interface on
>startup might be possible, but the ability to change it while the
>is loaded would probably require a lot of reprogramming. But what do
>know :)
>I do know it would be nice for CU-SeeMe developers, iVisit
>etc. to realize that people ARE having multiple interfaces and to
There is a common *windows* interface - NetBios <cringe>. The NetBIOS
interface is supported by all protocols provided with Windows 95. I
doubt it would be worth the trouble for the programmers to re-write
all their code in order to support a Windows based network interface.
But if this were the case, CU would have the ability to run on ANY
native protocol that can be loaded on a Windows system (like netbeui
or ipx/spx).

In Windows, LANA numbers are assigned dynamically in sequence of
binding order for the protocols, beginning with 7 and then 0, 1, and
so on. Although if the computerís network hardware never changes, the
LANA numbers may not change at each startup. However, the default
protocol is always LANA 0. You need to change a LAN adapter number
only if you have a NetBIOS application that needs to know the LANA
number. Some apps allow you to select which LANA to bind to.
This would be a nice feature to add to CU-SeeMe. I know Lotus Notes
has this feature built in (but it is a purely windows based interface)

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