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Sun, 10 May 1998 22:08:59 -0400

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From: Jim <>
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Date: Friday, May 08, 1998 6:33 PM
Subject: Quick Cam proplem

>Hi all,
>I wonder can anyone offer me advice on the following;
>I have a Connectix Color QuickCam for Windows. It's been working well, but
>this evening when trying to use it it's giving me the report;
> QuickCam not plugged in, driver in use by another
> application, or parallel port in use by another device.
>The parallel port is not in use by any other device. The only changes I
>made to my system was to install MS Flight Sim and Cinemania. I have
>uninstalled these now, just in case, and I still can't use the cam.
>I'm using a PC with Pentium 100.
>Any advice would be most welcome.
>Thanks in anticipation,
>Jim Leonard (Ireland)

I've told people that I thought Quickcam was an abbreviation for "Quickcam
Not Responding." My cam finally blew up out of warranty, so I replaced it
with a USR Bigpicture.

I've had the same problem from time to time. Sometimes installing a new
program or new hardware causes it, other times it crops up for seemingly
unknown reasons. Removing the Quickcam driver and re-installing it usually
works unless there actually is a problem with the cam.