Re: CU, MeetingPoint, ERef, Etc. - Can we all get along?

Mark (
Mon, 11 May 1998 11:05:10 -0700


With all due respect, and i think respect is due because you suffer
the criticisms of the company you work for with good cheer, i think
you miss something kind of basic in your recent posting challenging
Brian regarding eRef.

despite the features that the wpine ref has, the real problem we
(the collective userbase) has is with the clients and the fact
that they are released "unfinished".

you might well ask "whadda ya mean unfinished ?". take the recent
release of your mac client as an example. i can't get it to run on
either a g3 or an 8500. that patch is useless (runs fo 4 minutes
and then crashes hard). yet the cornell version, especially with
chris's geektalk instaled, runs very well indeed.

why chris's geektalk ? because he sorted the 32k chat limit problem.
a problem cornell never addressed and neither had wpine as of the
version 2 release (version 3 never runs long enough to determine
whether it has been fixed). that chat problem is a(nother) fine
example of why people get so frustrated with wpine.

as for Brian's constant "sniping", i think he is entitled to comment
as he does eRef on his coin and gives it away for free. in a sense
he is competing with you folks and doing the world a service by doing

if i were to offer wpine any advice at all, it would be to stop adding
features for three months and simply look for, find, and fix bugs.
if they were to do so you would be in a far far better position to
defend the actions f the company you work for.

all the very best & thank you for your participation on the mailing