CU - sound in, no sound out

DialaThos (
Mon, 11 May 1998 00:44:48 EDT

Hi all,

I've been having CU SEEme to work. I'm only looking to use it for audio right
now, and I've been trying with a few friends. I am able to recieve their
audio signals (although a bit choppy).. but they get nothing whatsoever from

I'm using a PowerMac 9600/300, 28.8 modem.. Apple plain talk mic, into the
Mac's sound input jack. When I press Press to talk.. CU's input meter shows
sound coming in... and my modem's status bar seems to shows the modem is
active... but both mac users and win 95 users don't hear even noise from me.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
--Tom Griesgraber